artist - ed hofer


Cascade - SOLD

"I have cherished memories of Lake Sequoyah.  When my husband and I took trips to North Carolina, this was a favorite spot to see.  After many years of talking about it, my family and friends can now see why it became a special place. Thank you for painting it on canvas.  It is spectacular!"

Water's Edge  -  36"x36"                                     Autumn Falls  -  SOLD                                                          Mother Nature  -  SOLD

The Artist Retains Copyright On All Artwork That Is Created.

COPYRIGHT: This art is protected under copyright laws and may not be reproduced in any manner without the artist's express written permission.

  The Clearing  -  SOLD                              Lake Sequoyah -  SOLD                                        

Into the Woods -  SOLD                Afternoon  -SOLD                          Two Paths Crossing  -15"x30"         Red Silo  -  40"x30"

Storm Brewing  - SOLD                            Sun Breaking In - SOLD                                     Tranquility  -  48"x36" - Donation

Welcome to Ed's collection of Landscape paintings.  Using his unique design style and bold colors, let his paintings take you into a world of color.  Ed primarily paints in acrylics, but as you can see in  his portfolio, there are some watercolors

Also see his collection of DogsWildlife, Commissions, and Other  paintings.  Ed's work is sold in art galleries and through commission.  Coming soon will be a Store where you can make a quick, easy purchase for yourself or to give as a gift.  You'll be able to visit the Store to see what's available in the Online Inventory, or get one or more packs of Note Cards.

Enjoy Ed's unique twist to the ordinary!