artist - ed hofer


The Artist Retains Copyright On All Artwork That Is Created.
This art is protected under copyright laws and may not be reproduced in any manner without the artist's express written permission.


NOTE CARDS  A pack of Note Cards available to purchase.  Each pack comes in a clear sleeve and contains eight cards and white envelopes.  Packs are available in two options:  

"MATCHED"  -  Eight cards of one design

"ASSORTED DOG "  -  One card of eight different dog designs

"ASSORTMENT "  -  One card of a mix of eight different designs

ART INVENTORY  -   Original acrylic or watercolor paintings will be available to purchase.

Welcome to the online store for items created by Ed Hofer.  This section of the website allows you to make a quick and easy purchase for a new painting  or purchase one or more packs of Note Cards.