artist - ed hofer


The Artist Retains Copyright On All Artwork That Is Created.

COPYRIGHT: This art is protected under copyright laws and may not be reproduced in any manner without the artist's express written permission.

A better example of what can be done, refer to the Commission Process page, where you can read and see the Step Process of having a commissioned painting.  This page will show you examples of a vertical photo to a vertical painting, a horizontal photo to a horizontal painting and a horizontal painting resulting in a vertical painting.

Ed works from photographs, preferably head and shoulder close-ups.  The better the photograph you give, the better chance he has of creating something that will capture the spirit of your pet in your commissioned painting.  Please take care as you take your photographs. 

Here are some suggestions....

•  Try to show the character of your pet, especially the eyes and the pose that you want.

•  Keep your camera handy to capture those special poses.

•  Take several shots from different angles.  Photos from the dog's eye level work best.

•  Try to avoid standing and shooting down.

•  Another thing to consider is, do you want the mouth open or closed?

•  Outside lighting is best and cloudy days are even better.  That limits shadows and simplifies the lighting.

•  Take some photos with and without the flash to see what works best.

•  Remember to take into consideration the shape of the painting you are ordering. 

•  Take vertical shots for vertical paintings and horizontal shots for horizontal paintings.